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Blitzen Trapper

Wild and Reckless (2017)

Wild and Reckless (2017)

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Release date: November 3, 2017

Album number nine. Inspired by our theatrical production of the same name, the new studio record Wild and Reckless is both straight-up rock 'n roll and deconstructed weirdness. Riffs, grooves, three-part harmonies and guitar solos. Darkness, a voice and a piano. Songs of dancing with your main squeeze, losing that main squeeze, then living like there's nothing left to lose.

Recorded, mastered and pressed in Portland, Oregon. 

Side A:

Rebel - Wild and Reckless - Forever Pt. 1 - Joanna - No Man's Land - Stolen Hearts

Side B:

Dance With Me - Love Live On - When I'm Dying - Baby Won't You Turn Me On - Forever Pt. 2 - Wind Don't Always Blow


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